Automatic Door Closers

Automatic Doors Repair & Install are the doors of the future and if you want that contemporary look and feel, you want a high-quality automatic door that looks great and works even better.

Automatic Doors Repair & Install These days, almost anything can be controlled with a click of a button, and when it comes to doors, this comes pretty handy. That’s why most business Owner decide to go for the automatic door. Now, as great as automatic doors are, the frustration is even bigger when they’re out of order. You want your door to be reliable so everything will run smoothly. If you want to get a high-quality automatic door installed by professionals or if you already have automatic doors but they’re malfunctioning, we at the Automatic Door and Glass Specialist can help. We are based in Mooresville Indiana, and you can reach us either through the contacts page on our website or simply by calling (317) 834-0771. Leave us your information and we will show up at the location to take a look at what’s bothering you and we will give you a free professional assessment.. Our workers are skillful and experienced and we always put our client’s needs ahead of our own needs and wants. We’re very open for cooperation and we won’t do anything you didn’t approve of. Sometimes the clients have misunderstanding with the service providers, but if you become our customer, you’ll see just how smooth everything can be. We know how to keep our customers happy, not only because we have a great customer service but because we also provide the best service and within a reasonable timeframe. Automatic doors include a variety of different door types and styles such as sliding doors, telescoping sliding doors, swinging doors, electric folding doors, revolving doors, bi-fold doors, and ADA operators. If you want to make an impression, the automatic doors can make your entrance look amazingly modern. Other than the elegant looks, the most convenient thing about automatic doors is their functionality. For a fully automated, access controlled system get a good automatic door and put some effort into maintenance. The automatic doors are a great choice for shops, public buildings, hotels, offices, etc. so if you want to upgrade the looks of your space and to increase functionality, give us a call. We can repair your existing automatic door, no matter if the problem is big or small, and if the door is too severely damaged, we will give you a good offer for a new and possibly a better or more appropriate door for the location. If you don’t have experience with automatic doors and you would like to install them but don’t know just what would work best, we can help you pick the door that suits your needs best and install it for you.